Frequently asked question

How can KBC's authenticity guarantee work together for the safety of products and services?

The KraftBioChain digital certification is a feature that ensures the authenticity of the
origin of products and services as a process of generating security for encrypted
documents, recorded and stored in a public or private Blockchain protocol. It maintains
the integrity of the information, recognized in all segments of the production chain.
Blockchain is a distributed network in computer systems, it is a protocol that certifies
that that user owns that information, without intermediaries to validate, much less
someone central to charging high rates of operation. KraftBioChain's technological
flexibility allows the online automation of reliable real-time certification records of
companies of different sizes and management models.

How is authenticity validated?

As inspectors and auditors, all companies within this ecosystem and consumers have
access to the encrypted information, with full transparency to verify documentation
compatible with the compliance of sustainable principles in organic agriculture, at all
stages of production, processing, transport, storage, distribution, marketing, among
other actions, forming their own consensus of value of origin authenticity based on
reliable data. A virtual business platform for managing the productive processes of the
most diverse companies and market segments, with easy implementation of
certification of authenticity, transparency in the operation of productivity to leverage
better results for your business.
To register on the site and you may be able to authenticate follow the following steps:

  1. Register and accept the contract
  2. Send your scanned documents
  3. Wait for the email with our return and you're done!

How to use the Kraftbiochain platform?

KraftBioChain develops solutions to ensure authenticity in the origin of products and
services, through data records and encrypted processes in blockchain trust protocols.
Our objective is to facilitate the collaborative relationship between commercial partners
and consumers, based on trust and credibility in all segments of agribusiness.
To get started with KraftBioChain, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the KraftBioChain Platform on your Desktop and App
  2. Register your KraftBioChain Digital Wallet
  3. Add KBC Use Tokens and authenticate your products

How are the KraftBioChain Contracts?

Our smart contracts are fully digital and self-executing, are deployed on the
KraftBioChain platform, with blockchain technology, written on an unalterable schedule,
establish obligations and process information regarding associates in accordance with
the contract rules. By integrating with the platform, the producer declares the veracity
of all data and proven processes through documentation so that it is made available in
the virtual environment with total transparency, security and reliability.

How to protect commercial data and industrial processes in the virtual

The KraftBioChain platform enables the virtualization of the production processes of
the entire production chain in all segments, guarantees security, product and service
customization and protection of industrial information based on the blockchain trust

Why social networks on KraftBioChain?

KraftBioChain is a collaborative platform, a hub for convergence and approximation of
interests of companies and consumers. By joining, brands, products and services, they
become part of a true global digital showcase, strategically driven in the main social
networks to achieve unimpeded views of new markets and not imagined before!


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